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Curly Mii SErvices

Curly Mii Style

Curly Mii Style

We style your curls to create maximum bounce, shine, and health!

During a wash and go we cleanse your hair with a clarifying shampoo which takes out all of those impurities your hair has been holding onto.

Products will be applied to your curls for definition and hold. Once your hair is dried, finishing touches will be added and you will be on your way to show the world your freshly styled curls!

1 Hour


First time Curly Mii Cut

A cut designed for YOUR curls!

Our stylists have completed specialized education and training to be able to work with different hair textures and curl patterns. Each set of curls are unique.

Your stylist will work with you to create your ideal Curly Mii Cut by first discussing your goals and desired shape. Next, your curls will be cut dry to see how they naturally live.

During this process, we will provide curly education with tips and tricks for maintenance to perfect this Curly Mii look at home. We love to answer any questions you may have, so ask away!

Products will be applied to your curls for definition and hold, your hair will then be dried. Finishing touches will be added to the cut to perfect your shape and you will be on your way out to show the world your amazing new look!



Curly Mii Maintance

We recommend scheduling your Curly Mii Refresh three months after your initial Curly Mii Cut. This is the cut that will refresh your shape!

Upon your arrival, the stylist will consult with you about your length and shape. The stylist will then dry-cut and redefine your curls.

*** We do not wash the hair for this service. For a wash during this cut, you will want to get the full-service Curly Mii Cut.



Finger Coils

Hair gets wrapped around the stylist's finger after product is applied to encourage a beautiful bouncy curl!

This service enhances curls and helps hair curl that otherwise may not be able to due to damage.



Detangling Services

If your hair takes up to or more than 10minutes to detangle, you will be charged a detangling service.

For every 15 minutes, there will be an additional $15 fee.

Note: Sometimes for certain color blending, the stylist may use blending techniques to achieve the desired look that will require detangling, there is no additional fees when this occurs.

Please come in with your hair in its natural curl pattern, detangled, hair free of product, and free of ANY ponytails or buns. If you’d like to wash it the day or night before you can, just make sure your hair is dry upon arrival.

If you have any questions or did not prep accordingly, please call the salon and let us know at +1 9785218011


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